HDS Coaching®


Dark Figures

82,9% off all European
companies pay too
much for transport costs

71% of them work with
misleading KPIs

8% of all companies
know their order-related
transport costs. 
Most know their total costs.

Short and Sweet

What  Intelligent transport cost management by HDS means transparency of all logistics costs ( freight costs, toll costs, diesel surcharges, fuel floaters, sea and air freight charges as well as all freight surcharges) through extensive logistics controlling, reduction of logistics costs with the assistance of sustained transport costs optimisation, stable and lean logistics processes with SCM consultancy. In the field of freight invoice verification, both in manual freight invoice verification, both in manual freight invoice checking and in automated invoice verification, HDS is the partner for you, if you wish, combined with self-billing systems and virtually unlimited logistics statistics. For help in reducing other procurement costs for optimisation and reduction of purchasing prices, as one of the leading companies in the filed HDS has an experienced team at your disposal.

How  Over 60 logistics experts and specialists are on hand to advise you with knowledge based on over 650 successfully-completed projects with a total tendervalue of almost a billion euro a year. Through a most reliable benchmark and an analysis of cuccrent costs, we are able to give an accurate indication of potential cost savings even before a tender is submitted. With precise invoicing analysis we make it possible for our customers to gain an in-depth understanding of their logistics structures and to identify the cost drivers.

Why  To increase company profits is only one of many different targets pursued by our cleints. Improvements is quality of service in logistics, compliance requirements in the financial sector, transparency in the field of cost calculations for each individual customer or per order or simply leaner processes in the area of transport cost management are all possible motivational factors for cooperating with HDS International Group.

For whom  All companies with transport costs of at least half a million euro per annum and which require these to be examined for potential cost reductions and auditing reliability are potential clients for HDS Consulting GmbH. We also support companies with logistics tabs of tens of millions in the context of invoice verification within the framework of the compliance guidelines. Everyone wanting to know what the real proportions of logistics costs are per customer or per order, or why expensive express freight should be used, or how carriage costs can be reduced should speak to us.